Remembering Syria as I saw it and the strict unspoken rules of not criticizing the Government of the time……


It was O’s (Sunshine’s) sincere enthusiasm and unflagging optimism that convinced me to sign up for the Medical Mission to Syria. A mission that had to do with helping the Iraqi and Palestinian refugees but was nebulous in details.
Being a Child Neurologist, I have often had to straddle the two worlds of teacher and practitioner, thus flexibility of roles in this mission was hopefully not going to be a major challenge.
Armed with my training in “Tazkiyah Nafs (purification of the heart)” techniques, I laid aside my ego and protocol of the status of an invited physician, and mentally got ready for all contingencies.
Arrival in Damascus was smooth, being met by both my guide and B and whisked to the Girls Apartment on the eleventh floor in Mezze.

Having no experience in working for a mission I was perplexed as to how to best…

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  1. I wonder what the oil rich and politically strong government of Saudi Arabia is doing in this regard for Ummah?
    Just inciting America to attack and revolt in Muslim countries, like Iran, Egypt, Libya Iraq and of course Saudi backed rebels are fighting with Assad government and making havoc there!

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