Mothers Day is one day a year when thosse who do not remember their mothers all year long are reminded of them because of the hallmark blitz.

Everyone was born of a mother, whether she is present or absent. Allah Subhanawataala gives a very revered place to mothers and our Prophet Muhammad peace and blessings upon him said “Paradise lies at the feet of mothers”.

For the motherless child we have the example of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) who did not misuse his orphan status to become a delinquent or act out. He was grateful to Allah for all that he was given.

For a Childless mother we have the example of Sayidda Ayesha (RA) who while having the honor of being married to Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) never had a child from him, and yet is the mother of an Ummah of millions.

If one looks closely one is never really…

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