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It all began with the fruit seller. Why are fruit sellers the flash point for revolutions for wars and for change in status quo?

Moses, Jesus and Mohammad were shepherds at some part of their lives but never fruit sellers. Yet it is the cry of the fruit seller that rolls into motion events that change the course of history, unzip the wolf out of sheep’s clothing’s and release the pent up basest of passions of human beings kept under strict lock and key.

Fruit sellers…if only the governments knew how one act of a fruit seller can set off an avalanche they would probably ban the sale of fruit. Perhaps that is why in the west fruit is only sold in the sterile unmanned shelves of the grocery store, where there is fruit but no human being present to interact with the buyer. Perhaps the combination of the two is dynamite.

And so it happened …………

one afternoon in the streets of Burma. A fruit seller, this time a Muslim Rohingya woman was selling her fruit on an open cart in the street when a young Buddhist monk came and picked up a piece of fruit and started to eat it. She asked him to pay for it and he ignored her. She called her husband who was working nearby who demanded that the Buddhist monk pay for the fruit he was eating, he went into the monastery and came out with a hundreds of monks who each picked up the fruit from the sellers cart till it was empty, when the fruit seller screamed and shouted and her husband demanded payment they beat him and her and then began the carnage…………… (Eyewitness account published in Al Hikmat)

Years of abnormal repression where a human being who is given normal desires of sex, food, and procreation are denied these normal needs under the guise of “purification” by duress came out like the boiling point in a pressure cooker and blew the lid off the fake and unnatural religion of Buddhism.

Suddenly one monk by the act of illegally eating fruit without paying for it broke the bond of his self restraint had opened the flood gates for the unrestrained, cruel and animalistic acts of the Buddhist monks who poured out and attacked the dirt poor Rohingyas.

The Rohingyas were muslims, practicing a faith that allows them to marry, have children and nurture them and be nurtured by them. God only knows what  Buddhist constraints caused them to have hatred against what the Rohingyas had in a family life that the Buddhists were denied. The deep resentment of their own faith that disallows human affection then unleashed the carnage by the Buddhist monks unparalleled in history.

People wrote letters to the Dalai Lama and got back a pat impersonal reply with no promise to restrain the vicious unleashing of base violent actions of the monks.

Perhaps the Dalai Lama is a truly a figurehead and knows it and is helpless in his situation.

Meanwhile they are playing the game of blood Holi, (the festival of colors is being painted by the color of Muslim blood). Gleefully the tourists are filming on their cameras scenes of Buddhist monks tying up the helpless poor Muslim men and women from the Rohingya tribe and burning them alive. They are being posted on youtube.

What sort of teachings allows an entire population of Buddhist monks to go berserk and defy all they stand for? The helplessness of the helpless fueling their sadistic pleasure and they reveling in their carnage…….

Is Buddha turning in his grave, or does he approve is he silent like the Dalai lama?

It is the fruitsellers of the world that uncover the wolf in sheeps clothing, they did it in Tunisia and started the Arab spring, they have done it in Burma and promise to change the way the entire world will look at the religion of Buddhism, the inherent cruelty within it and the unnatural leash on the humanity of the monks and their breaking through with a violent rejection of the pacifist creed of Buddhism………….


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