I was listening to the arrogant manner of Christopher Hitchens diatribe against God and in favor of atheism, and secular governance of human beings. He was debating the gentle soft-spoken humble Tariq Ramadan.(here is the debate)

I was recently in Spain and I was reminded how miniscule this man and all men are in front of Allah All mighty. I lived through my fight against a microscopic enemy who downed me, how could I challenge God who made that microbe, that miniscule virus invisible to me?



It was the day after my birthday and we were leaving Seville for the Spanish coast, the coast of Malaga where warm waters awaited me.

We rushed to the Mediterranean and with the wisdom of an old man who has seen everything it allowed me to dip my toes in the blue water and threw some beautiful shells at my feet as a concession to some one who was addicted to the Atlantic shores of a remote green island off the coast of south Carolina.

I walked along the coast feeling the coarse sand between my toes just as Tariq bin Ziyad and all his soldiers had felt as well as their children who had settled down into this beautiful coast. The Muslims instead of plundering and pillaging Gods earth had fed the earth with Gods bounty handling it carefully so that the Baraka of their actions still remain with the community at this time.

The coast of Spain responded to their soft touch and gave in fruit and vegetables and nuts like never before. Such that the section from Gibraltar till the town we stayed in came to be known as the strip of Baraka the name of which has now been distorted in Spanish but sounds the same.


We stopped at a beach grill where they were grilling fish, no oil, no condiments just Gods gift halal and tayyab. The muslims are gone but their traditions of food and etiquette remain in Spain.

That night we had a session with the Sheikh and the usual question came up from an American about “RIBA” which I wont deal here. (Read Sheklh Qaradawis fatwa on that).

The next morning we left for Granada and stopped at MiJas on the way. It was then that I felt that I was losing ground to this invisible invader in my body. Perhaps the exhaustion of the trip was catching up? I did not know what was happening was it the flu (but I had gotten the flu shot) or was it the creepy crawlers of the Spanish flu that had been let loose in my body the aggressive spray of virions were making there way in my body knocking down my energy. Unbeknownst to me there was a jihad going on inside me the forces of my body were bravely fighting the onslaught of the flu particles, but were weakening………


The court of the Lions: Alhambra


We reached Granada and I felt like Boabdil, the last Muslim king. I was tired, exhausted and felt defeated by my body, yet my love for Granada, kept me going.

I could not leave Spain with out standing in the court of the Lions… I had to do it! At my last visit it was closed for repairs and there may not be another time I thought to myself.

I also did not want to alarm my roommate and the tour folks, so I quietly did all the allopathic medicine treatment, read the fatiha on myself, and trucked along.

The rush of energy standing in the court of Lions gave me a slight boost to continue but by the time night fell and the breeze and balm of a true Spanish evening came on, I was ready to collapse.

I realize now how fragile we are and how misled we are in the arrogance of our presumed strength. Which can be knocked over by a microscopic virus.

I could not even fight the minute virions of the Spanish Flu, How could anyone or I challenge the one who made them. How could anyone doubt His existence? He made us and he made the flu particles that we are unable to overcome despite all our science, medicine and intellect.

I knew it was time to let go……….He The Creator had given me the Flu in Spain for a reason, He my creator knew what is best for me and will take it away when He knows it is best for me…….

And thus it is:

 What is the purpose of our life? We cannot even control what invades our own body? We are helpless before Him; it is time to admit and submit…isn’t it?

Click her for this beautiful summary:WHAT IS THE PURPOSE OF OUR LIFE

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