How many times Allah Subhanawataala mentions Jannah in the Quran? Many times with vivid descriptions.

Recently I was studying Tafseer and the teacher said, “ Think of what you are sending forward because that is what you will receive when you get there in Akhirah. Is it something stunningly beautiful and perfect in its mastery?”

Then while studying Tazkiyah another scholar said, “ Your ebadah and Dhikr of Allah can be refined to much higher levels. Have you seen a master musician when he sits with his instrument does he practice just enough to reproduce what he already knows or does he try to excel? That is how we need to approach ebadah……….to gain mastery as we rise in the levels of nearness to Allah Subhanawataala ………..Inshallah!

Then I open my email and my brother has sent me a beautiful dream. All this in a day.

As I slept these concepts jelled in my subconscious and when I stood for Fajr………everything around me melted, I was on a beautiful road to somewhere. I was almost flying on the bare back of a white horse that glided smoothly as if moving in air, his skin like silk over steel and I was one with the steed with no fear of falling off. As it galloped at a gracious tempo with no discomfort, I recited the fatiha and the surahs and watched as it went through the most beautiful forest, pristine desert, verdant trees with newly budding flowers and the smell of freshly washed earth with clear rain…….. Where was I going? …………..All through my Salah I was galloping through beauty bound for Jannah.

May Allah make my khushu such everyday where I can stand on the musallah and see myself heading to Jannah effortlessly, with inner joy and peace and outer beauty and freshness constantly in fluid motion making progress slowly but surely…………..


Photo courtesy:http://www.tumblr.com/tagged/kodak%20moment?language=de_DE


  1. SubhaanAllah
    Surely the Believers will be successful
    Those, those who in their Salah are fully in Khushu’

    Jazaakillahu khayran my friend…
    May Rabbi allows us to live in Iman and Khushu’


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