It is not spring yet but I am thinking of her……….


Somehow it is beautiful to recite and easy to attempt memorizing Surah Yaseen as I walk along the canal. Initially I did it because it took the fear of walking alone out of my heart, and then it became a joy.

Today as I walk along the canal it is heady with perfume. The most overt and heady perfume is from what I call “Din ka Raja” or the “king of the day”. As I walk in between the layers of the heady perfume a subtle fragrance calls out to me as if my mother has passed by.

It was in Georgia that she found her signature fragrance and her favorite flower. We had just moved to Georgia and the Newcomers club invited us to lunch. I of course could not go due to work constraints but she went. There she was invited for a hike and came back with…

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