Hiroshima after the A- Bomb Courtesy Google

I am in the company of two World War II veterans, an atheist and an extreme right Christian republican. After listening to how they went and cleaned up after the A-bomb was dropped on Japan and how some soldiers got injured I asked:

“Why do you think the soldiers in World War 2 did not suffer as much from PTSD, suicide and family homicide as the soldiers today?

An innocent medical question…

His beady eyes glittered with anger, his face puffed with rage, arrogance and almost a demoniac hatred suffused his face, his lips thinned and he said through gritted teeth:

“Our boys did not suffer then and should not suffer now. An A Bomb should have been dropped a long time ago on Iran and all its likes” The atheist in the room hastened to agree.

This after the American armed forces have lain waste the entire near east including, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Chechnya, Iraq, Mali and perhaps even Syria. Palestine of course is an ongoing 62-year war, courtesy of the US aid to Israel.

Shocked and horrified and speechless I stared into the old war veterans face filled with hatred and puffed with anger and then at the pale baby faced boy in his twenties, whose mask like facies with an artificial grin on it belied the condemning words he spoke relegating masses of Muslims in these countries to the A Bomb with a flourish of callousness uncalled for in a person so young.

These are the future architects of American foreign policy, I thought to myself.

The thought of dropping an A bomb on innocent civilians and men losing their friends, wives, mothers and sisters in the millions, does not move a hair on their body leave alone shift an iota of compassion in their stony selfish hearts.

This was my last supper with them, thank God. I will not have to suffer the ignominy of the company of such narrow minded, selfish, arrogant and cruel people.

They will get their just desserts in this life or the Hereafter, inshallah I am done with them. A chapter closes in my life without hesitancy or regret. Allah is showing it to me in 20/20 vision who they really are and how cruel and mindless some human beings can be.  I am truly thankful to Allah that this is truly my last supper with them and May He will it so.

Are there Americans like these folks out there?


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