P1110722It is open house day at the Islamic community center in our little town. A green dome and minaret rises behind the gas station beckoning the curiosity of one and all. The members of the Muslim community are in a state of excitement, the tables are set with delicious food, and the fragrance of incense assails your nostrils as you enter the foyer, which is the color of sand and stone. Hard and unforgiving like the desert of Arabia.


The décor is exotic, sprinkled with the hadith and the descriptions from the Quran, the classrooms, resound with movies on Islam, our room with movies on Islam and women is brimming with not a single empty seat.

Shireen and I are conducting one of the guided tours. As we go up the space for the TIE (Tariq, Imran Ebad) lounge is filled with children playing and being minded by the mothers turned babysitters.

What is junky and not cleaned or set up is the area given to the young adults as their lounge. While conducting the guided tour I have to make excuses for its untidiness with a lone broken exercise bike in one corner and the rest of the furniture shoved untidily onto one side. The shrinking and forgotten corner of this building stands forlorn though it was the impetus to build this Mosque as a community Center in the tradition of the original mosque of our Prophet pbuh, rather than a lone place only for worship

Everyone is congratulating themselves and each other for the excellent and hard work done to produce this show of beauty and culture of Islam in the Community Center.

What is visibly absent is any mention of the silent hands and absent hearts of the boys who incentivized the adults to rise above mediocrity and build something classy and fashion it to be worthy of being the House of God.

T.I.E. the initials engraved on many hearts in the community but not on the lips of most today are the true fashioners of the heart and soul of this building. It is sad that they are no longer here but inshallah other children like them will be proud to bring their friends to play in the community center.

The absent boys who metamorphosed ordinary adults into extraordinary Muslims and activated them into motion lay buried in the outskirts of the city in “the garden of Truth”.

May Allah keep the feet and hands moving and transform the idle chatter to action all of the 365 days as He did today, and may our boys whose silent hands did the work be remembered for starting this cycle and May Allah give them the reward of the outcome. Ameen.

5 thoughts on “THE SILENT HANDS……….

  1. Alhamdulillah ! He had blessed Tariq with a good mother who had made an effort to raise him well. May you be rewarded for all the good you taught your children, both in this world & the aakhira. The best time & place will be when we all will meet our families in The House of Peace & Eternal Happiness. May Allah guide our actions for the sole purpose of pleasing His Majesty. Ameen.


  2. Dear sister.
    Ameen to your Dua. Its always like this, with time the real heroes are lost. They only survive in the heart of those who matter. So what? Tariq didnot dream to be remembered, he dreamt to do good to Islam. Look how things develop. I have never met or seen Tariq. But he seems so close to my heart. His name automatically comes to my lips whenever I pray for Nabeel. I ll continue doing so till I have the physical and mental ability to do that.


    • Walaikum asalaam wa Rahmatullah hi wa barakatahu, you have summed it up beautifully. I am deeply touched and extremely grateful to Allah Subhanawataala that he has blessed me with your duas for Tariq.
      My duas are for you and your family. Ultimate happiness is inshallah in Jannah:)


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