The Ayah on how to get help.


At the women’s afternoon meeting today we reviewed this ayah with Farhat Hashmi’s tafseer. When I got into the car to go back to work, I turned on Mokhtar Magroubi’s CD on “the inner dimensions of salah” and the first words I heard were this ayah.
It also is the ayah that I repeated to myself in English many many times after Tariq died and found solace in Allah’s promise in it. Though I was neither well versed in the ramifications of the tafseer, not had I paid much attention to the second part of the ayah. Patience and Prayer was my mantra when the clouds of desperate grief would begin to gather.
I am grateful to Allah SWT that he threw me a lifeline in my storm of grief and that I am coherent enough to share a succinct explanation of this…

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