Driving back from our southern tour of the gems of the Bible belt we were on I-85 when suddenly the traffic came to a complete standstill…

We thought it would move shortly but it was as if the vehicles had turned to stone and stuck in their place. People started getting out of their cars and walking up to check on what was going on.

P1020305I saw a helicopter circling and wondered if it was collecting traffic data. However soon it landed on the road and suddenly it clicked in my head that it was a Rescue helicopter. Someone was injured enough to be lifted to the trauma center. A deep regret raced through my body recalling a scene from seven years ago. “There were 44 calls for 911” said the Sheriff describing the rainy night disaster seven years ago.

When he got there and used the Jaws of Life to pry open the car only to find that the souls of the three young boys had abandoned their bodies and lifted to the heavens. They had no need for the rescue helicopter on that rainy night. A chapter closed that night in my life never to be opened again.

P1020307As I watched the accident scene my psyche kept slamming the doors of the “what if” questions that demanded to rise to my consciousness.

Long time ago I had a son who on the interstate said goodbye and no helicopter could save him or his friends…

My companion asked “what do you recite at these times?” and I snapped out of my reverie where I was opening and closing the “what if” doors and replied: “ inna lil lahe wa inna elayhe rajaeoon”

Thus it is……….this fickle world where we think we are going to stay forever and make plans to do so. Suddenly, like today we are reminded of the tenuous thread that holds our souls to our body which with one wrench can free the spirit to fly into the realms of the unknown into the circle of protection of the Divine where all needs are fulfilled without asking and where formless fragrance is the essence of ones being……..



3 thoughts on “DE ‘JA VU

  1. May Allah give you strength and Sabr. Asma as I told you , you write and I watch a movie in my mind from your words. It come to life. Sobhan Allah like an out of body experience.


  2. May Allah (swt) give you and your son His (swt) wajhh and the company of Rasulallah (sallalahu alaihi wassallam) in jannatulfirdaus. aameen.


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