The importance of understanding what is Shariah is the foundation of designing a serene, spiritual, harmonious and organized stress free life without friction or fear.

Human Beings are a complex combination of spiritual and physical needs. When one or the other is not met or is in imbalance stress appears which impacts every aspect of the person’s individual life as well as the society.

Allah Subhanawataala in His infinite Mercy designed the human being from clay and them blew into him His spirit which is retained within each human as the pure angelic ruh which is its connection to Allah at all times.

Life and circumstances are rife with events and people that muddy the path and transgress on the other just as a jeep careening through mud splatters mud on the immaculate pristine clothes of a passerby on his way to Jumma.

There are also people around us and sometimes within us that are overwhelmed with the predatory instincts of the Nafs Ammara be suu. These people have to be controlled in a pattern such that their rights are not transgressed and that they do not transgress on the rights of others. This is only possible if there is an external law to moderate the behavior within the range of optimal function for all and each person individually.

The true challenge is how to address both the spiritual needs of a person which are consistent and continuous but fragile and vulnerable to transgression as well as keep in mind the physical and environmental needs which change not only year to year but also from one geographical area to another.

Given this option to the worlds smartest jurists, faqis and spiritual masters to come up with a global design of law conducive to harmony and space for both physical and spiritual nurturance is a task beyond the finest intellect and thus Allah Subhanawataala provides that to us in a blueprint which is both consistent and continuous as well as adaptable to the changing needs of humankind and environment.


  1. The path well trodden, easily accessible, non-threatening and leads to the final destination of the source of life, which in the desert is the inexhaustible supply of water.
  2. Tashreeya: The open source of water, which sits in the middle of the desert at the end of the easy path where the camel is sent and it is in ease that the camel can drink his fill without being impeded by coercion. (L iqraha fid Deen)

There are seven conceptual derivations from which the word Shariah derives its complex meaning:

  1. Ashaaray (main Boulevard), which means that the shariah as a lawgiver is wide, open, easy, organized, directed, and safe for all you tread it.
  2. . SHWARIYA: Some stars are named this, which are near to the horizon.

Quran: Everything that is nearer to something is called Shwariya. Thus everything that is near to something is called Shariah, thus this is the nearest and swiftest way to draw close to Allah.

  1. 2. shar’aa: is the sail of a sailboat. Thus shairah is the sail that uses the energy and orients the boat in a certain direction thus it is our energy our haal that allows you to go in a certain direction.

DUA: May Allah take our energies and orient them properly towards our destination. (Via Shariah, which may be the sail, that guides our boat with the wind)

  1. Shurr’aaa:  means apparent: Surah Araaf: Distorting the Sabbath when the jews were not allowed to work, the fish would come swimming to them with their heads out (SHurr’aa plural of Shariah) thus the meaning is “apparent”
  2.  Ashra’a to raise something high Thus SHairah is for raising it elevates and makes apparent those things, which may be vague.
  3.  SHar’a a’ ehada (ehad is skin of the animal) (shara al lihama) It shows the inner meanings, elucidating, clarifying the relationship with Allah.
  4. Shariah: courageous, brave, The path of Shariah requires bravery one who does not succumb to the Nafs one who is Shujaa (brave)


It is the curriculum from which we derive the methods of living all Shariah lead to the unity of Allah.  The Islamic shariah is a mosaic from all the shariah of the various Prophets finalizing with the Shariah of Prophet Muhammad pbuh as he said the messengers are the bricks of the building and I am the missing cornerstone.








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