Muslims from all over the world support the underdog, which in today’s case are the Palestinians. It is very little a matter of religious similarities and largely to oppose injustice.

Palestinians are Christians, Muslims and Jews. In 1948 they were expelled in droves (three million to Jordan, two million to Syria and seven million to Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Egypt and other countries).

  1. Muslims believe as Allah commands in the Quran that one has to stand up for justice and repel the aggressor (Also called Dhalim), even if there is no personal gain in it.
  2. Muslims believe that Allah commands that anyone who destroys homes, places of worship and cuts down trees (called Dhulm) is blighted and is bound for the Fire and must be stopped both for his sake and the sake of the victims.
  3. Muslims believe that killing of children and women is impermissible even in war.
  4. Muslims believe that any one expelled from their home has a right to fight back
  5. Muslims believe that any one who is an oppressor (one who forcibly usurps the human rights of others) is wrong and must be stopped.

Thus when Muslims allover the world do the math, the Palestinians (including Palestinian Christians Muslims and Jews) qualify as the underdog and the oppressed and one whose human rights and dignity is being violated. Thus they align with the oppressed at great personal expense as the oppressor has a strong backing and can harm those Muslims who are in their jurisdiction.

The inviolable standard of justice and freedom from oppression given to Muslims by Allah Subhanawataala in the Quran sets their moral compass.

It does not take a rocket scientist to recognize who is the oppressor and who are the oppressed despite media propaganda otherwise. Thus any Muslim in the street will tell you if asked, that Palestinians are Mazloom (one who are being denied their human rights).

Children refugees from Palestine 1948 onwards: What started as tents have become camps for life for these kids:Courtesy:



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