Without light there is no life…….

There are SEVEN kinds of light (Noor)

  1. The external light like that of the sun, fire, and electricity produced by natural methods (fossil, etc.)
  2. The light of the eye that discerns what can be seen and transmits it to the brain via the specialized nerve cells that are programmed for this purpose by Allah Subhanawataala
  3. The light of Aqal or intellect of the brain that receives the images from the eye and makes sense of them and puts them into perspective.
  4. The light of the heart also called IN SIGHT or insight, which is a process that allows the human being to determine what is right and wrong, haram and halal and good or bad and much more.
  5. The light of Rasool Allah pbuh Mercy to mankind, he brings his own light to the world physically and metaphysically as described in the Quran: Surah Noor: as Siraaj un Muneera : A lamp that illuminates.
  6. The Light of Allah” Surah Noor: Allah hu Mafis samaawaatay wal ardh:  what ever it shines on is illuminated. Allah says that the difference between one who recites the word of Allah (Dhikr) is like someone vibrant and alive and the one who does not is like a dead person walking the earth.
  7. The Light of Dhikr or the words of Allah or His divine attributes which have been left with us by Prophet Muhammad pbuh to give us the proximity and illumination within us and outside us.

(Excerpted from Light upon Light by Sheikh Yacoubi)


Walking down the path between the river and the canal at Asr time lit up the leaves and trees. What I noticed was :

  1. The light made the leaf transparent
  2. The light passing through the leaf not only made the leaf transparent but also illuminated both the beauty and defects in the leaf.
  3. When the light fell on the leaves you could see them, but when it passed through the leaves it illuminated them like lamps beautifying them and almost looked like lamps hung from the trees.
  4. Ordinary leaves lying what appeared to be a heap of dead fall leaves seemed dull till some of them caught the sunlight and brightened up themselves and also beautified their surroundings.
  5. Light falling on and passing through and illuminating the leaves changes the character and appearance of the leaf.

I realized that we live in darkness wading and wallowing through the swamps of life in the west and or the east …………

I also realized that We are all leaves of Allah and we need the LIGHT of DHIKR to illuminate our insides so much so that we become incandescent with the light and can illuminate others with our Light……..

Can we do that?

and an amazing recitation:

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