I went to listen to Ann Wright on Drones in Pakistan………and she said:

“Every Tuesday President Obama is given a list of people from all over the world particularly Pakistanis who need to be murdered. He signs on it as indicter, prosecutor, judge, jury and executioner……..and the Drones are sent to murder those (men, women and children) on the list”

“Next Tuesday all the neighbors, friends, community folks who heard the fire or the bomb fall on a house come to help and put out the fire are on the “to be murdered list” and so the following Tuesday the people who go to the funeral of the dead are on the list to be murdered and thus the murderous linking goes on and on with no end in sight.”

I am sitting in the front row of this lecture on Drones given by AnnWright retired Colonel from the United States armed Forces and a veteran from the Diplomatic circle of the State Department who went from being a hawk to a dove and joined the Peace Alliance.

She just flew in from Turkey where she gave witness to the events where six Turkish men and one American boy were shot execution style by the Israeli armed officials while they were on the Mavi Marmara ship which was a part of the flotilla bound for Gaza. Ann Wright was on the ship behind it and saw a great deal of the deliberate carnage.

I see in my minds eye the villagers of North Waziristan rushing to put out a fire in a house ablaze in the neighborhood and trying to save the children and the animals in the house unaware of the fact that their good Samaritan behavior will bring them to the door of death the following Tuesday when they meet the same fate at the hands of the American Drone which is unmanned, conscienceless, and ruthlessly devoid of appropriate judgment of the crime committed.

Meanwhile in the home of the Drones…………Hurricanes hit the eastcoast where the gambling dens and the homes of the rich and famous are located, a fire devastates the west coast, drought assails the Midwest and entire cities become ghost towns because their own banks have robbed the people. Is this an omen or retribution?

I am reminded of the story of Ibrahim (AS) and the King. The King asks Ibrahim (AS)‘what is so special about your God?” Ibrahim (AS) replies “He can cause death and give life” the king orders two prisoners to be brought from death row. When they are in his presence he has one executed and lets the other one go free.  He then turns to Ibrahim and says, “ I too can give death and life………..did you not see?”

It is this level of arrogance that makes a man blind to reality & catastrophe, whether he is a king, a politician or the President of a large country.

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