Today we prayed in the new Masjed and community Center their dream came true though they lie beneath the earth as each one of us will………answerable for our individual acts of good or evil. Please keep me in your duas……..


0.6 miles from their high school, hidden behind a new gas station is the field of dreams. Three boys who laughed, played, worshipped and dreamed of such a place, suddenly died together.

Born in three different parts of the world, neither they nor their parents knew that their fate was intertwined together like a braid.

Each boy different from the other, individual in their strengths unique in their nature but tied tightly together by their friendship.

Slowly in their youthful years together a dream evolved. Tired of playing on a lopsided non regulation basketball court at the mosque, waiting for days for a place to practice soccer and always being invited to play at the fine courts of the churches and synagogue, but never being able to repay the hospitality. This would have made some young people frustrated but these very challenges made them dream.

They would sit together and…

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