1. Alhamdullilah I recieved a brilliant analogy from an Imaam on my side of the world. He told me to close the doors of my life to sin, but to turn the air conditioner on low. Meaning that if you close the doors of your house to the outside world and turn the air conditioner on low eventually the room will get cold. Its the same for Taqwa, if you abstain from all sin but start small and slowly increase dhikr etc eventually you will attain peace and focus on Allah. For me, the greatest aid has been to actively take stock of each day after Ramadaan and identify a sin (whether gossiping etc) I committed on that day and make a conscious effort to abstain from that the next day. Apologies if this suggestion is a bit simplistic and obvious!

    Alhamdullilah your blog has also been a marvelous help. Just knowing that there are others out there with similar struggles and goals is very motivating for me! May Allah be pleased with you for your efforts.

  2. As-Salam Wa Alaikum,

    I completely understand how you feel. I feel everything unravels so quickly after the holy month. Its a struggle to hold onto the changes we have implemented over the Ramadaan.

    Inshallah, Allah SWT lets us live every day with the highest levels of taqwa and be steadfast in our practice.

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