This is one of the many sober Eids that I have experienced lately.

You too are being bombarded with information about the pain of the Ummah…………Name a Muslim country and your will find, war, death and hunger in some form! Name a non-Muslim country and you will find fear, persecution and sometimes even violence against Muslims.

All this gives a really grim picture of the world. Yet when you meet a neighbor on the street they smile at you, you meet a young mixed couple (Caucasian and Indian) in the bookstore and their conversation shows respect for the Muslim scholars and scientists, you hear a knock on the door and a local non-Muslim friend has brought you a basket of peaches “to enjoy in Ramadan”.

Your hairdresser hides her water bottle, incase you feel bad because you are fasting.

 You wonder at the dichotomy between the news and…

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