Nostalgia……….while our mosque makes a sorry attemot at this.


I am in the Haram…………. the fast opens with dates and zam zam and there seems to be no need for any more nourishment. The iqamah resounds in the Haram and by an invisible hand millions of worshippers line up in perfect lines and the Maghrib prayer begins…….

I am separated from my friends as I have been doing tawaf when the Maghrib adhan is called.

By the time Maghrib salah is completed I continue my tawaf and it is time for Taraweh and we fall into lines again and the haunting voice of Shaikh Jouhany resounds in the corridors of the Haram, imprinting the words on my heart.

After taraweh there is rush for the outside. The exit doors are jam-packed. I have never felt safer in my life, as if I am in my own home as I make my way through the milling crowd to the restaurant…

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