Have you ever drifted? It is an amazing state of being. One goes to one shoreline and it feels safe and then the breeze drifts you to another, you hear the loud sounds of people screaming or guns firing and you realize that while in reality people want to flee violence, some deliberately invite it into their living rooms and bedrooms, via TV, strange species we belong to.

At another vantage while drifting I get stuck on a rock and a rock star on the rock is extolling the virtues of religion or lack of it and calling people to herself, yes to herself not God or His message…….. I drift on not of my own volition.

Far away I see the open water with the glinting light beckoning me to the unknown remote shores of spirituality…I hesitate, I look back at the familiar shores around which I have been drifting, even the spirituality here is predictable and safe……….

Should I go or not?

How silly we are sometimes, when we think that it is we who are holding back or taking on a voyage into the uncharted seas. It is He Subhanawataala who sends the waves that rock us, the breeze that captures us and sails us away to or away from a familiar shoreline. It is He and He alone who knows where I am going. It is I who has to let go of false pretenses and false assumptions of being in control of my destiny………..

Thinking of the lack of control over my past, present and future, I close my eyes and drift…….I open my eyes and see that rain is falling in a cloudless sunny day and there is no rainbow.  In a couple of days it will be July 13, seven years ago it rained with the sun with no rainbow, I did not know then what was coming, and neither do I know now.

All I can do is drift, whether forward or backward, I know not as I have no volition or control over directions or destination. My Qadaa wal Qadar is imprinted on my forehead, which ever direction I face ……..that is my destiny!

The moving finger writes and having writ moves on……………

5 thoughts on “DRIFTING……….

  1. I beg to differ! that we do not have “control over directions or destination “. Allah has given man “intelligence” to chose between right and wrong, between Haq and Shirk. Then he provide us with THE BOOK and the Sunnah of Prophet Mohammad. By merely saying “I am drifting because I do not have control over my direction” is avoiding the responsibilities that the Almighty has bestowed upon us. We need to seek knowledge and with that knowledge make the best possible decision no matter what the situation is. Then leave it to Almighty whether to accept it or reject it.

    If “we do not have control” then why there is reward and panelties, Heaven and hell.

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