6 thoughts on “In search of Beauty?

    • JazaikAllah hu Khairan!It is easy to take beautiful photos since He is the artist and makes it easy to capture the beauty with our eyes, camera and hopefully our hearts:)


      • walaikum Asalaam! yes in talking to the Ulema and those who are educated in the rulings. “Making” is the key word. Photography of Allah’s creation is okay as long as it does not become a source of worship.
        Allah knows best!


      • If we photograph Allah’s creation, it is too “Making” of photograph. Although not painted by paint and brushes but by Digital Camera. In fact, I have heard that Allah Apostle said that who make pictures of living creatures will be directed by Allah to blow soul into it, but he will not be able to blow soul into it.


      • ASA, There is a detailed discussion on this with the ulema, the camera is just transmitting Allah’s creation to those who do not have the fortune to witness it in person, just like the telescope does through its lens.
        I do not want to argue, it is a minor point in Deen and very personal, one must first learn the Fard al Aeyn and fulfill them and then start following the sunnah of all those things that fall under fard i.e. learning useful knowledge of Deen which will be different in different part of the world. This is to fulfill our Fard al Aeyn. e.g. in the west you must know what is halal and haraam in food whereas in the muslim countries you don’t have to read the labels and ask as much.
        A good source of practicality if what we need to learn and practice our Deen to get us in Jannah after the Quran and Sunnah is “The Book of Knowledge” by Imam Ghazali which is the nectar of all the relevant information needed for someone like me who does not have another lifetime to go into all the nuances and understand each and every detail, only what relates to us. Hope that helps.
        Allah knows best.


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