The three boys T.I.E.

Randomly in unusual nooks I see a congregation of three and I think of the three souls leaving this earth together and traveling………….spreading fragrance and good will.

Leaving behind nothing but the best to remember .

Whilst standing at their last resting place, I realize they left everything behind traveling light and taking nothing with them.

Inna  lil lahi wa inna elayhe rajaeoown…..

2 thoughts on “T.I.E.

  1. JazaikAllah hu Khairan Sister Shahira. I firmly believe that it is your dua and those of my unknown well-wishers that gives me the strength to get out of bed and do the things that need to be done and write sometimes of what I have learned in the path of Allah.
    You are in my dua! May Allah never have you face a single sadness from your children may they bring you much joy in your Deen.


  2. inna lillahi wa inna ilehi rajioon

    May Allah grant them the highest place in Jannah and May He envelope you with Sabr always.

    I have followed your blog for long and you are in my duas always. Pls do include me in yours too.


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