After the workshop on cleansing the heart and the story of the socks, I walk down the path and find this random sock.

Our visiting lady scholar was asked:

What is the cure for arrogance?……. click here to read the rest (PART ONE OF TWO):

Here is the story she told:

Once upon a time there lived in Turkey a very pious and very affluent man who owned many businesses, hospitals, and schools etc. He also wielded a lot of power with the Government because of his extensive assets and had many homes in every continent.

He fell sick and on his deathbed he called his children and gave them two wills.

He instructed them to open the first will when he is dead but before his burial and the second will after this burial.

Upon his death the children opened his first will and his instructions said, “Bury me with my socks”

The Islamic laws for funeral do not allow any clothing at burial. The children wanted to fulfill the wish of their father and contacted the major ulema of the Muslim world, but the answer was the same: “ he cannot have a Muslim burial in any clothes.”

And thus he was buried sans socks.

Regretful of being unable to fulfill their fathers first wish the children who had now inherited a huge empire, opened the second will. It said:

“ You now own everything I owned. Remember that you will take nothing with you, I could not even take a pair of socks with me”

Our arrogance stems from our personal attributes, our progeny or our material possessions all of which after spending 40 to 80 years on this earth we leave behind to enter the eternal life empty handed except for the record of our deeds.

So what are we arrogant about?

Allah gives us a beautiful place to talk, think and cleanse our hearts.


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