1. Alhamdollillah! Jihad e Nafs is the most difficult as it continues as long as we are alive and its results may alter our ending destination.
    May Allah give us the strength to master our Nafs and remain on the path to Jannat ul Firdous Ameen!

  2. Jihad against nafs is considered to be the Biggest Jihad
    We should not also be oppressor on ourselves. As Allah says in Quran: Do not be oppressor on yourselves as Allah is very Merciful on you.

    • tazkiya-e-nafs is a desirable goal, but the hadith about jihad against nafs as jihad-e-akbar is considered weak by many scholars.

      • Asalaam o alaikum, Brother Nazeer, you are correct in your statement about the stand of the scholars on this aspect, and yet if one cannot master ones own Nafs the chances are low that he or she will give up everything (material goods, ownership, businesses, wealth and life) in the path of Allah, is it not so?

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