Excerpted from “Curing the Hearts” by Shaykh Mokhtar Maghraoui

Rasool Allah pbuh said: Authentic Hadith

Inna lillahi taala A`aliyatan min ehlil ard or fil ard, wa inna walaiyatur rabukum ………….(Readers: please send this hadith in arabic if you have the accurate info, thank you)

Translation of authentic hadith:

 “There are on earth, vessels, carriers (enya) of your Lord ………and the vessels of your Lord on earth are the Quloob (hearts) of His upright righteous servants, the most beloved of those hearts to Allah Subhanawataala (and those who love Allah Subhnawataala) are the softest and the most transparent.”

These quloob are opposite of the stiff, dark, unbending hearts,

Thus the characteristics of the Qalb described above is one, which is lenient and soft, it can change and take the shape of goodness and beauty when it receives beautiful knowledge, spiritual qualities and moral requirements with leniency and softness and then reflects beautiful knowledge and Divine reality.

The most beloved to Allah Subhnaawataala are these hearts.

Our Quloob are thus very important to take care of.

They are like a one way ” transfer function,” which processes the incoming data, and then there is an output. If the transfer function is perfect then the input and output are exactly the same. However if the transfer function is impaired or dysfunctional then the input is received and modified and the output is inaccurate as it is also modified (muddy, distorted) and is not the pure information that came in as input to our Quloob)

When we receive information intellectually it is analyzed by our Quloob and depending on the state of our Quloob (heart) (transparent vs. dark, soft versus hard or stiff) and by the emotional history of our heart. We then  process it with what we think is in our minds) and then it results in an output.

If our Quloob (heart) is not in peace, serenity, clarity, purity and innocence then our heart processes the event according to the state of our Quloob ( heart).

The heart is also compared to a mirror………whose clarity of reflection depends on the pristine condition of the mirror…..

More later inshallah!


    • ASA, Inshallah! However I would like my readers to make the effort to search and learn, as my hope is to point the way that helped me and if the reader finds it interesting or challenging they can study and reflect, other wise it is spoon feeding and we get enough of it on the internet, don’t we?


      • Walaikum Assalam, as far as reference is concerned, it might be good for your readers to learn precisely where that thing is taken or who is writer of it. Secondly, now a days, internet is full of garbage that might be harmful for one’s belief. It is very essential for us to recite and/or listen holy Quran in the morning at least. Because there is so much filth coming in nowadays that it is very essential that we study Quran (and hadith for learning of Quran) and hadith so that we may be able to think clearly.


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