Dair hay andhair nahain, this Urdu quote means: There may be delay but not darkness. This is reference to the light and justice of Allah and the darkness of oppression.

At first glance it was obvious that she was classically beautiful and at second glance it became apparent that she was deeply unhappy. It was much later that the cause of her unhappiness became apparent…

What does one feel when one is in a foreign country, and ones own relatives, friends, countrymen, women and children are being killed without mercy… leaving the rest defenseless, and now homeless. It appears that the Dhalims have it all right now.

While the Moroccan skies spill sunshine, I can see that her heart is in Syria…….with its gentle people. Syrians who are silent no more and are paying the price of speaking out against Dhulm with their blood and pain.

We are in line, for the master calligrapher, but it is too late to get my calligraphy done, I had wanted to get the one that she had asked the master calligrapher to write for her……

The words said it all!

As we took our seats in the bus, she gave me her calligraphy and the words of it are forever engraved on my heart.

I see the arrogance of those who are frivolous and extreme in their Dhulm, who do not understand the finite speck that is our lifetime and are unaware of the FIRE that awaits them for eternity.

ALLAH……….!!!! He says it all in this ayah for all the Dhalims (Oppressors) of this world.

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