The minaret of the round mosque in Moulay Idri...

The minaret of the round mosque in Moulay Idriss Zerhoun, Morocco (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Lots of complaints are floating in the air……….

The economy is failing, there are no jobs, people have become immoral or amoral, and there is no justice. How can I give the message of Islam while I am being branded a terrorist? Etc etc etc.

Here are two examples of successful change: One of a Caliph and one of an immigrant who was being hunted down like a terrorist.


He was not always a caliph but was an Umayyad Prince, elegant, well dressed and well educated. When he passed a street his signature masculine fragrance lingered behind. That was before he became the Caliph.

When he became the Caliph, he first gave up his own finery and then stopped the Princes and rich families from dipping into the State funds.

In two and half years he transformed his people from being jobless to a state of plenty. Wherein his state workers would go looking house to house to ask if any one needed zakat and no one needed it.

In merely two and half years, less than one US Presidential term of office he had transformed a state that was polarized with the extremely rich on one side and the extremely poor on the other into an affluent, progressive state with leveling of the economic playing field.

He was Umar bin Abdul Aziz the great grand son of Umar ibn Khattaab.

(Excerpted from the Saviors of the Islamic Spirit)


He was being pursued and the assassins had been sent to kill him. On the Mountain in Meknes he sought sanctuary with the Berber tribes.

The first thing he did on being granted protection from the Berbers,  he came out his home and gave adhaan and made Salah. The people from the tribes were curious and asked him what was that melodious sound? He started to explain and ……..The rest is history.

In eight years the entire mountaintop had embraced Islam and given him their love, loyalty and their daughter in marriage. They named his son Moulay Idriss the first and named the mountain in his honor.

Such is the power of sincerity, honesty, love for ones fellow being and the gift of Islam. Read his story here……………

Change cannot be forced; it has to come from within first, with the help of Allah with lots of dua, sincerity, yaqeen and Istiqamah.

May Allah Subhanawataala bring change inside us and in all those parts of the world that are clamoring for it!

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