Each of us has a secret inner world. A world into which we can withdraw to avoid pain, nurture love or connect to our Creator.

Nowhere on the globe is the inner world so evident as in the outer manifestations of behavior as in Morocco.

Morocco blending into the Atlas Mountains in the North and the Sahara desert in the south is a geological challenge to the physically weak. It is a major challenge to the cynic and the oppressors. Located on almost every mountaintop is an Awliya whose lifeblood flowed in the service of Allah and His prophet Muhammad pbuh. As someone said the (new) West has its Saints and Maghreb or the original west has its Awliyas.

The Cliff notes to the Sunnah of the Prophet come via these Awliya. Even if one is illiterate, blind, deaf and dumb, but wishes to learn the path of the Prophet pbuh leading to the love of Allah one can be successful in learning them here.

The traditions of these Awliyas teach strengthen and pass on the true living sunnahs of the Prophet. These are the breath of life to those who are searching but are unable to find the answers for living a life of harmony and happiness.

They replace the hours of lectures and discourses held in Ivy League Universities and Madrasahs of how to become a better Muslim with a simple act of Sunnah and the memorization of His oral tradition.

What better method than “See one, DO one, and hopefully teach one”

Three things strike you as you traverse the roads of Morocco lined by red soil (which is so like Georgia, except far more fertile):

 One is that this is a rugged country and that one must be tough physically and spiritually to live here.

 Two is that it gave and continues to give asylum in its bosom to the weary, the lost (in faith) and the pursued (because of their faith).

 Three is that it builds Istiqamah in those who are willing to receive.

The methodology for this is complex. At the heart of it is the deep and abiding fear of Allah and the extreme and unreserved love of His Rasool pbuh. From these two springs of life and nurturing comes the energy and zest for life illuminated by the words of Allah in Dhikr and greased by the etiquette of His Rasool pbuh.

It fills the life of the recipient with inner peace and qanaat, which is at odds with his apparent outer lack of ostentation.

If one looks on line French authors and moviemakers present most of the descriptions of these Awliyas and their followers in a silly and contemptuous fashion which lacks understanding of the basic tenets of the faith. They confuse tribal rituals with faith rituals. In these movies the people of Morocco are ridiculed without words, for following the Sunnah, in may instances, local tribal customs are called by religious names and attributed to Islam.

Thus only by going to Morocco, and seeing with your own eyes, listening to the melodious chant of the verses of the Quran in warsh with your own ears and opening your heart to receive the love of Allah and His Rasool, can you truly understand the depth of commitment these Awliya had to the Deen of Islam and to the Path of the Prophet (pbuh).

A love and commitment that has stood the test of time, tribulation and oppression.



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