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Ammar bin Yasir is one of the most famous companions of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh), and was among the slaves freed by Abu Bakr (RA).  Ammar was born in the Year of the Elephant (570). Therefore he is as old as Prophet Muhammad (pbuh).

Ammar was a friend of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) even before Islam. He was one of the intermediaries in his marriage to Khadijah Al-Kubra.

He was a slave of Banu Adi. He was killed by a group loyal to Mu’Awiyah in the battle of Siffin (657).





Sultan Qutb-ud-din Aibak also called “Lakh Baksh Sultan” (the donator of hundreds of thousands) (Urdu: قطب الدین ایبک) (Qutb-ud-din meaning “Axis of the Faith”) was the first Muslim Emperor of India who ruled from his capital in Delhi where he built Qutub Minar and the Quwwat Al Islam mosque[1].

Qutbuddin was born…

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