The Holy Prophet of Islam (SAW) has been quoted as saying:
 “Seek help from God when in need, seek refuge with Him during afflictions, supplicate, and call upon Him, for Dua is the gist of prayer. No believer calls upon God unless his call is answered in the following ways:
-Either his request is granted in this world
-Or he will receive it in the Hereafter
-Or his sins will be concealed to the extent of his Dua, providing that he has not asked for a sinful act.”

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2 thoughts on “WHY MAKE DUA?

  1. Such a simple word, “dua”. Yet, so many of us forget when we are screaming and looking around for help that it is the one call that never goes unanswered. Someone said to me once that my dua is my direct face to face communication with Allah.. My very own, dedicated, private audience with Him who truly does hold the remedy to whatever ails me within and without…


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