I have arrived at our mosque a few minutes late for the Asr salah……….. A spur of the moment feeling of homesickness made me stop for sweets to take to the mosque.

In a few hours the 12th of Rabi ul Awwal will be ushered in with the setting of the sun. It holds in our collective memories the day when he who is described as a Mercy to Mankind came into this world and also the day he departed.

Random people in the mosque foyer expound on reasons why Prophet Muhammad pbuh birthday should not be celebrated and that it should be treated like any other day etc etc.

I look at the sweets I brought and think to myself, I am going to follow the sunnah of our beloved Prophet pbuh of sharing food with fellow Muslims especially today as I am thinking of him every moment…

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  1. Dear Brother or sister,
    Celebration of Christmas started in 325 AD, i.e, 325 years after Prophet Christ had left this world; Similarly memory of Karbala after 700 years of the event; even 12 Rabi ul Awwal was celebrated first time nearly 300 – 400 years after the Prophet Muhammad PBUH had left this world.
    Do we think that the people of later era are better & more in love with the Holy figures than the pious people of era near them?
    Dear, the research tells us that businessmen discovered that you earn more if you sell religious things, because people get a sort of satisfaction spending money on religious things, specially over religious festivals. So they introduced Christmas. Christmas made us copy it to Milaad; even I don’t advocate celebrating of children’s birthdays!
    We were not sent to follow other religions, rather the Quran & Prophet’s Sunnah contain guidelines to follow and not introduce innovations like other religions. Irony is that we don’t follow the instructions of Allah & His Prophet PBUH, and are just bent upon celebrating Milaad, which was never practised by Prophet or any of His companions.
    Imagine, a man being head of family is not obeyed, rather his family just celebrate his birthday & keep praising him; would he be happy with his family?
    Lets get out of such planted things in our religion and start to be more practical to improve the stature of Muslim nation in the world bu follow true spirit of Quran & Sunnah.


    • Asalamoalaikum sister Noor,
      Thank you for your note regarding celebrating the birth of our beloved Prophet.
      It is true that some people only celebrate the day but make no attempt to follow his teachings. Having said that this can be transferred to most acts of the Prophets Sunnah, isn’t it? read but not practiced, does that mean that the Sunnah should be thrown out since no one practices it?
      Your dates about when the Prophets birth was first celebrated is an error. His birth was celebrated first by his uncle Abu Lahab who set the slave free who brought him the news (hadith) and for this our Prophet pbuh said he would get one day at a lighter level of the fire. There are numerous proofs of this but I will not go into them.
      Suffice it to say that if you live in a country where muslims don’t even know when the Prophet was born, it is no sin to remind ourself of that day with fasting (which he pbuh did), lectures and praises about the Prophets life and draw inspiration from it (milaad). It is a wonderful way to inculcate the history of the life of our Prophet over the whole month with the hope that some will stay till next year, sort of like Ramadan (one month) preparing us for the whole year of taqwa
      People confuse celebrating the Prophets birth as a rukun of religion. It is a method to jog our memory and refresh the history of the life of our prophet with the stories of his life time in a concentrated manner for a whole month. Nothing forbidden about that.
      Allah knows best.


    • Inshalah one day, thank you so much for the offer of your hospitality. I do not have any direct relatives left in Pakistan:( It would be great to visit you. May be at your wedding?:)


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