Remembering Prophet Muhammad pbuh:

Here is the story beautiful and simple by Sami Yusuf:

The mind feels his immense presence his undying love for his ummah and his amazing place with Allah where Allah Himself in the Quran sends salaam (peace) and blessings) and orders his angels and us his slaves to do that too………..

Urdu poetry flowers in my heart and on the lips of the poet, best expressed here…………

and Durood  in arabic and poetry in English and punjabi:

and the ever lasting Durood in the west with tons of duas from the author:


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  2. Ya Nabi Salaam Alaika… May we be among those who not only verbalized our love and devotion to the Prophet sallallah u alaihi wassallam but also took his teachings into our hearts and lived them in our lives.. Aameen.


      • Assalamalaikum ma’am.

        I am learning through you that getting up after each successive struggle and slip up is so much sweeter in the solace it brings me from Allah Almighty.

        May Allah hold us tight even as we struggle to hold on to Him. Aameen.


      • Walaikum Asalaam wa rahmatullahi wa barakatahu!
        Good companions and well-wishing, Muttaqqi friends give each other a hand up, which is what makes it doubly wonderful. May Allah strengthen you and give you the Suhba of the righteous. Do keep me in your duas.
        Ameen to your dua!


    • Thank you!

      Here is the translation (for us farsi challenged individuals) by a volunteer on Youtube:

      o breeze go to batha(madina)
      convey my feelings to muhammad
      You are the King of the universe.
      for the sake of kindness just have a look towards me
      I am found of that place(madina) with my life
      and want to sacrifice it on the tomb of the best Man!
      Although Jami is enriched with your kindness
      For God sake keep this kindness once again!
      (very humble effort )


  3. SubhanAllah what an amazing post. ESP the naat taaluq ki baat. Wow

    I’m sure you will enjoy this

    Nasima janibe batha guzar kun
    Ze ahwaalam Muhammed (saws) ra khabar kun

    Farsi by moulana jami

    O wind when you pass Madina
    Tell Muhammed (saws) of my condition

    It continues in a heartrending way pls listen to it when possible. Mehmudah.


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