And the herbs and the trees do prostrate (to Him).  

سورة الرحمن  , Ar-Rahman, Chapter #55, Verse #6

I pause at this large tree, immobile and rooted to the spot……..and yet it is in obedience to Allah Prostrating on the ground with its shadow, moving with the sun in the five salahs merged into a continuous one…….. and yet it is just a tree……

2 thoughts on “DO THE TREES PROSTRATE TO ALLAH? 55:6

  1. Mr. Rj.
    Thank you for your comment. If you observe the shadow of the trees, it is the attempt of the tree that is rooted and immobile to yet prostrate to Allah (its Creator).
    and Allah Almighty says that to us in his own words as mentioned above.

    Admin does not allow other website addresses here.I did examine your website and it is filled with hate and disrespect for Islam and Allah.

    All I have to say is that May Allah remove the intense hate in your heart and free it of the disgusting and sad thoughts and give you guidance towards light.

    May Allah expand your vision and give you stillness to see the trees in the forest.


  2. Admin, really do trees prostrate to Allah?? Is Allah god??

    Never tress can’t prostrate man, are you kidding or what. Anways I came here to inform you.


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