5 thoughts on “WANT TO BECOME A MUSLIM?

  1. Asalamo alaikum Brother Moses,
    why do you want to be converted?
    The best way is to go to your local mosque and meet the Imam and tell him that you would like to convert.

    However you should be clear in your mind why you want to do so?
    Inshallah Allah Subhanawataala will make it easy for you.


    • My utmost reason for the conversion is that i really admire the Muslims mood of prayer. i had discuss this issue with the President of the Muslim Association and he has assured me that i can make it. My problem is my parents, i don’t know what will be there reaction.


      • Br. Moses,
        The crux of the muslim faith is letting go of all “bosses” “gods and goddesses” and accept only one. This act of submission is called Tawhid. The rest comes with time and struggling to learn to get close to Allah which is where the muslim mood for prayer comes. When you know that there is only ONE God you can ask for help, love, protection then the focus is deep and sustaining.
        Parents respond differently in different families. Once they know you are serious they stop trying to control you, if you are wishy washy they will manipulate you. Sometimes they cut off your funds. Remember that everything including funds come from the one God Almightly.
        May Allah guide you and protect you. You must have a good heart. Perhaps bring some islamic info home for your parents and share with them.


      • Thank you so much for direction and advice. may Allah continue to bless you. pls, i need some book or website that we keep empowering me for the time being. thank you once more for your caring & concern.


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