4 thoughts on “THE NIGHT & DAY SUCCESSION……25:62

  1. I think this ayaah so comprehensively defines the concept behind our religion of choosing to see and acknowledge and be grateful for the Almighty’s benevolence and regard.

    A lot of people talk about ayaah’s of the Quran imposing the Almighty’s will but I think it goes beyond that… Al ehkaam as stated depend on the person’s acceptance of the edict and not just forcefully following it… It depends on understanding, interpreting, accepting and then following because your soul recognizes it as truth… Subhan Allah.


  2. Asalaamo alaikum! Everytime I saw the sun come up and go down into the water I felt a deep sense of gratitude and then I came across this ayah regarding gratitude and the passage of the night into day and day into night………. What did it make you think?


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