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Below is a translated poem. Just reading it is an exercise and trial on the Nafs. DO share how you felt after reading it!

> (Adab al-Ţarīq by Shaykh Abū Madyan Shu‘ayb)
> THERE is no delight in life besides the companionship of the Fuqarā’
> They are the Sovereigns, the Masters and the Princes
> Seek their company; be scrupulously courteous in their assemblies;
> And forsake your wishes and wants, no matter how they esteem you
> Draw benefit from your time with them; always be present with your heart;
> And know that Allah’s pleasure is gifted to one who is with them
> Hold fast to silence, except if you are questioned
> Then say, “I have no knowledge,” and conceal yourself in self-effacement
> See only your own fault – And truly believe that it is a fault –
> That, though hidden, has now become manifest
> Lower your head; ask forgiveness for no apparent reason;
> And excuse yourself before the feet of justice
> If a fault appears from you, admit it;
> And offer your complete apology to what has flowed in and from you
> And say: “Your little slave is more needy of your forgiveness;
> So please overlook and pardon, O Fuqarā’”
> They are a folk foremost in goodness, for it is their defining feature –
> Do not fear humiliation or harm from them
> Strive to always be magnanimous – outwardly and inwardly – with your brothers,
> And lower your gaze should one of them falter
> Be completely attentive to the Shaykh in all his states;
> That perhaps the effect of his goodness will be seen on you
> Be serious and resolute; serve him with vigour and vitality –
> May he then be pleased. Beware of becoming irritated and lax in his service
> For in his pleasure lies the pleasure and obedience of the Creator –
> And the Creator will be pleased with you. So beware of abandoning his pleasure
> Know that the Way of the People of the Path is near extinct
> And the condition of the one who claims it today is as you can see
> When will I see them? How can the likes of me see them?
> When will my ears hear news of them?
> Who can aid me, and how can I compete with them
> Regarding spiritual wellsprings in which I cannot perceive impurity?
> I love them; I endear them with utmost subtlety; and I give preference to them
> With my innermost heart – a group among them, in particular
> They are a people of sublime nature; wherever they sit
> Retains the fragrant traces of their presence
> Taṣawwuf offers the gifts of their character in its paths;
> Affinity and acquiescence with them brings me clarity and delight
> They are a people of my love, my beloveds,
> Who trail the raiment of honour and distinction
> My spirit’s unity with them, for Allah’s sake, will never fade –
> And our sin, through attachment to them, is forgiven and overlooked
> Final salutations upon our Master Muḥammed, the Selected,
> The truest of those who promise and the best of those who fulfill


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