2 thoughts on “The Night & Day…………who holds it? 16: 12-13

  1. Subhanallah, this post reminded me of the walk my husband and I took through a nature reserve in Singapore. I was staring at the incredible plants, animals, bugs, and streams in absolute astonishment. I literally turned to my husband and asked him how can ppl deny the existence of Allah (swt) when there are signs such as these. Subhanallah. May Allah (swt) give us all hidayah.


    • Masallah! you have a clean heart which allows you to see and experience and be thankful for the naimah (blessings) of Allah. Many people stay up late at night, sleep late in the morning and miss the beauty of their environment which call out taw heed to them. May Allah protect you and keep you close to Him.
      JazaikALlah hu Khairan!


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