Am I ready for my final home? I am running around in circles, everything that I have done is not working, I want status quo but change is staring me in the face and I just want it to be what it was like when it was quiet…..

Thus it is in this world. Allah Subhanawataala promises us in the Quran that everything will change and come to a final standstill on the Final Day but not before then. Yet we yearn for “no change” whether it is in relationships, income, time, pursuits, professions etc….. Yet everything and everyone changes.

I am at the crossroad of change. What to do with my profession, leave it, keep it, modify it…… to make time to study the meaning of the Quran? How to understand and practice it if I do not know the meaning, and how to reach Jannah if I do not obey……and how to obey that which I know not…..thus the day goes.

I pacify my self that I am watching nature and appreciating Allah, I am sleeping so that I am refreshed to do ebadah but deep down I know that is not entirely true and He Subhanawataala who is closer than my jugular vein knows it too.

So the question of the day is how to change? Slowly or dramatically?

Please keep me in your duas as I choose the turn in my life……

10 thoughts on “CHANGE? OR NOT?

  1. Assalam Alaikum….

    I am just amazed looking at the post and the comments… becoz thts exactly wat even i am going through right now!

    Change is really inevitable and we should learn to accept the change… Hasbunallah wanaimal wakeel.. May Allah Talah guide us all… and make it easy for us to walk on the siratul mustaqeem…

  2. May Allah (swt) make it easy for you. Your post brought about memories of some fast changes that took place in my life. Subhanallah, when I look back…it is amazing how certain things end up being so different than the outcomes you were expecting.

    The two significant changes that flashed by me so quickly (I’m still in shock over them and it has been years…haha) are when I started hijab and meeting/marrying my husband. When I look back at those two moments…I remember doing two things…and mind you my iman could get pretty low during some of those dark days…but two things I did consistently were pray Istikhara and sincerely make du’a with faith that Allah (swt) had to help me because I was asking and he always promised to help those ask Him (swt).

    Alhamdulillah. Hope that helps 🙂

    • Alhamdollillah! Thank you for sharing. Thank you also for the suggestions!
      I have prayed informal istikharah, but I need to do it formally and inshallah this weekend if Allah wills I will do it at the retreat. Please keep me in your duas.

  3. What you write resonates somewhere inside… For me, the difficulty is in the way we’ve been conditioned. Religion was always just there, on the fringe and in the background of everything else, something vague represented in my life through the lessons from the Qari who came to teach us the Quran in our childhood, daily namaz and rozas once a year while everything else, studies, friends, family carried on in full volume, high definition color and clear display in the forefront.

    Even now when I think of making a choice, I find myself fearing losing the known (the dunya) and choosing the unknown (aakhirah) despite knowing that the final relief from all that ails me, lies in this…

    May Allah make your choices easy for you. And for all of us, who are also making choices every day… May we have divine guidance and our paths defined with light. Aameen.

  4. Your thoughts resonate with mine. May Allah guide you (and me) to the correct way.

    On a side note, sometimes it’s a dramatic, life changing decision that Allah inspires from us, that takes care of everything. I’m babbling a bit (my friends insist I need to belt up lol) but my change in life was instantaneous — from the days of jahiliyya Allah swt opened the noor for me and suddenly there was direction, purpose and faith in a life previously bereft of them all.

    Yet change is constant and we’re always aspiring for something better. Best wishes.

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