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When we know the facts but do not act upon them:

Excerpted from Dr. Farhat Hashmi’s lecture on “Hikmat “



  1. We do not have yaqeen on the advantage of the knowledge: We do not believe in the authenticity of the fact, we are not completely convinced about the fact and therefore we do not act it.  E.g. Apple peels thin vs. thick.
  2. One does not know the efficacy of the fact. (E.g. differential effect of honey on the spoon vs. with fingers, e.g. the advantages of fasting: health issues, and the benefit, e.g. in Tahajud he comes closer but we are sleeping…)
  3. We do not avail of the opportunities: The reasons are ghafala and laziness. Eg salah in Afzal time is lost due to laziness. Sometimes we are happy with knowing the facts and feel content but do not act upon it. We do not know what we have
  4. We talk excessively or socialize excessively
  5. We are defeated by our desires
  6. We want instant gratification
  7. We compare ourselves with those who are doing nothing.
  8. We become like a dustbin (listening to the trash) and eventually our hearts become full of dark dank trash and how can we have a bright clean heart?
  9. RA pbuh said to Anas RA: if you can stay the day and night without holding any rancor against anyone, you will get Jannah. (Story of the man who slept with no rancor)

10. What we are outside Salah that is what we are inside Salah.

11. We must have an ambience of Nahneya al munkir, so that we can stop people who are doing wrong and so that we are in an environment that is conducive to acting upon our knowledge and not waste time in watching or doing wrong things or be affected by them.

Excerpted from a  lecture by Dr. Farhat Hashmi on “Hikmat”


  1. So it is weakness… It is cowardice and it seeps into all we and all we do to the point where a way of life become just words that go into one ear and out the other… There is no heart, and no understanding…

    The darkness is within…

    May Almighty Allah cleanse our hearts and open our minds to embrace actions that reflect Him.. aameen.


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