Last night was Tariq’s birthday and I watched a movie on Southern Spain. The girl sitting next to me was texting most of the time, while she sat with her family. I remembered from my past how important it is to be in the present moment and absorb where you are, with whom and the whole experience.

I am in the Generalife…… the women’s apartments they are intimate yet airy. As I walk into one of the chambers, Shireen disappears into the next one.

Tariq turns and looks at me, his dark hair like a Spanish portrait against the terracotta walls. We look down at the private gardens of the Queen with the fountain. I turn back and look at the room and find him looking up at something deep in concentration…………… and the thought enters my mind; I will never see this again…………..

It is important to live in the moment for I know now in hindsight that it is not the Generalife I will never see again but the combination of Tariq, the Generalife and me will never happen in this life.

It was a beautiful holiday in Al Andalus, cherished memories with my children in beautiful places, airy days, and cool nights with no stricture of time……….

The young girl sitting next to me at the movies had no idea what she was missing out on………

4 thoughts on “IN THE PRESENT MOMENT…

  1. Alhamdollillah! It is beneficial to remember that none of us will live forever, thus the guidance of the light of Allah in the heart is needed. Emptying the heart of other mundane distractions makes space, inshallah for His Light.
    JazaikAllah hu Khairan!

  2. Dear Sister,
    Assalamualikum. Nabeel spent all his life in Dhaka city. When I move around the city in my day to day activity; every corner, every shop, every park, reminds me of a day that I was there with Nabeel. Its a feling which I cannot describe, a dejavu feeling that has no definition. I sometime feel happy remembering those happy days, some time I feel depressed thinking that those days will never be repeated. What should I do sister?
    Anisur Rahman

      • Assalamulaikum
        Thank you for the reply. I get your message. I am grateful for all your spiritual support over the years. I am sure many like me have benefitted from your blog.
        Anisur Rahman

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