Why Not Be Polite?

Lily of the Valley: My dear Aunt's favorite fragrance and atlast I saw the actual flowers in a garden up north in the spring, Alhamdollillah!


Is God speaking.

Why not be polite and

Listen to



The road to the beach: One can listen to music, or one can listen and see the changing music of the shadows as one drives under the canopy of the oaks and reflects.

3 thoughts on “Why Not Be Polite?

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  2. Just yesterday, my brother and I were discussing how our friends and colleagues at work look at us in a funny sort of way when we say salam to the gas station attendant or if we simply say thank you to the guard standing outside or even an office boy bringing us water or tea… It seems sometimes as if manners are also now dependent on the social and material status of an individual… It is no wonder that our society seems to be stuck in such a whirlpool of chaos and confusion..

    May Allah preserve us from arrogance and foolish pride. Aameen.


    • Asalaam o alaikum!
      Beautifully said, and yet salam is the best gift one can receive and give! Ameen to your dua! May Allah protect you and keep your heart from becoming hard from outside influences. Please keep me in your duas.


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