Shoes on a walk

I am out for a walk at the canal and I see a bunch of girls all in different but fancy shoes. I ask one of them if I can photograph her shoes and she says yes. She looks good but is unable to follow her brother up the steps.

I am reminded of the hobbling of a wild horse to disallow free movement.

How it got into my head that heels were sexy, feminine and graceful is beyond me. After wearing heels (including stilettos) for almost all my adult life, I have ended up with feet that need special shoes.

The only conclusion I have reached is that high heels were invented to hobble women, just like a wild mare that cannot be ridden is hobbled into obedience. How does that happen is something to think about.

I admire women who did not buy into the paraphernalia for being hobbled……..unlike me.

Simplicity and ease of movement is essential in the practice of our Deen. High heels are not forbidden but definitely hobble a woman in her movements and degrade her safety…………..besides resulting in deformed feet, back pain etc etc….

8 thoughts on “THE HOBBLING OF WOMEN……..

  1. oops. I commented twice on your post. Interesting though, how the tone of the comment changed in the 4 hours between the first reading and the second reading… I would like to believe Allah Almighty gives me the vision to see understand the better perspective. 🙂


    • Asalaam oalaikum!
      Allah Subhanawataala says everything and everyone is in a state of change, only He Subhanawataala is unchanged and unchangeable.
      May Allah continue to give you baseerah!


  2. I have never been able to wear high heels consistently no matter how much I admire women who can carry them off. My abhorrence of high heels was infamous to the point where my cousin is videotaped checking to make sure that I was wearing heels on my wedding day and had not slipped into sneakers.

    Interesting how fashion dictates heels as a necessity to balance a professional and competent image but still satisfying an inherently feminine compulsion.

    My avoidance is personal, motivated by comfort and the fact that I spend a large part of my day run off my feet. How wonderful to see a part of Almighty’s countless blessings in this as well, to save me from some degree of pain and discomfort. A way where my inherently female nafs is quiet. Alhamdulillah.


    • Asalaam oalaikum!
      All through med school my closest friend and I wore sneakers while everyone asked if we were going for a run. However in my off time, visiting and even to the bazaar and then in the states I started wearing heels and major ones because they made me feel good and feminine…… many lies in the shoe industry and so much misinformation in society.
      It was in the Haram that I read that muslim women had many ways of hiding their feet, which by some is considered our awrah: it could be long dresses, abayas or just plain old socks. I have adopted the system pretty much though summers are a little bit tough.
      May Allah reward you for remaining true to yourself.


  3. I have always regarded wearing heels as a refined form of torture. And my penchant for avoiding heels is so infamous that there is a clip from my wedding where my cousin actually checks if I was at least wearing high heels that day with my lehnga and not sneakers as I had at a cousin’s mehndi previously. 🙂

    It’s interesting how fashion gurus promote heels as a symbol of fashion, status and indeed as a mark of a confident, independent women and indeed as someone who is well dressed and aware of the aesthetics of carrying clothes gracefully. I wonder what feminists would say about hobbling.

    May Allah Almighty keep us safe from all shar and may He deem it so we are not dependent on anyone but Him. Aameen


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