(Excerpted from a lecture by Dr. Farhat Hashmi: alhudapk.com)

Sometimes one cannot be successful as one gets so sick that all hope for recovery is finished, and one realizes that this is terminal (e.g. cancer patients). Even at that time A MOMIN should not lose hope, for even his or her illness and eventual death can become a source of his or her success.

Thus even in death a Momin can change his end of life to success.


RasullAllah pbuh says (I paraphrase) For a Momin who is sick, his or her suffering is a kaffara (fine paid) for his or her sins (hadith)

After death when the Angels of death visit him or her they give him greetings of peace (salaam), then even death becomes a place of comfort (raahat)


If one is paralyzed or is has a terminal illness and the end seems near, (and can only think or just move one’s lips or can only hear) then do Dhikr of Allah and if one can recite this dua…… (Or a friend can give it to a person who is terminal):


English transliteration of dua 

Waja’a lil mauta rahat il min Kule sharr

O’Allah make my death a source of my comfort (raahat) from sharr (All kinds of difficulties, looming disasters and disorder) and a release from all pain.

Summary of dua: Make my death a source of my comfort.

This gives us a beautiful closure of life with a successful end.

The secret of having this outcome is to become a MOMIN

3 thoughts on “DUA ON THE DEATHBED…………..

  1. Can u send me this dua in arabic. Arabic so we people of Pakistan can read it. We need it with the Zubar, Zair, Paish. Jazakallah


  2. Thank you !
    May allah forgive all your sins.
    My father in law is in the last stage of stomach andecarcinoma and he is suffering very badly.. I wanted something like this for him but couldn’t find it over the internet. Thanks for having this.
    I want to ask is there any source to this dua ? any history or something ? any other dua like this for last stage or die’ing person ?
    Thank you


    • JazaikAllah hu Khairan, may Allah make it easy on your family. As far as I know this is a masnoon dua explained in the tafseer as mentioned. May Allah give you and your family His blessings.


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