4 thoughts on “VEILS…………

  1. I found an answer I didn’t even know I was looking for 🙂 So sharing it with you, my teacher…

    Wa Wa Jada ka dwaALLan Fa Hadaa

    And He found you lost, and guided [you] (93:7)


    • Awesome! It was sent to our Rasool pbuh as a solace and it is so for all of us after him. He Subhanawataala knows what is in the recesses of your heart.


  2. And there is also that which is perceived as knowledge but is actually darkness that allows no light to go through so your heart becomes heavy and all you do is a burden…


    • Alhamdollillah! Well said! Perhaps it is distractive useless time-eating information veiled as knowledge to keep one away from “useful knowledge” Isn’t it?


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