Football in America is stronger than an ideology. Many men women and children have been sacrificed at its altar. No one speaks against it and no one has the guts to criticize its players or the fact that it is “an opium for the masses ” in America, especially for the men and some masculinized women.

Here is a quote from one of the Penn State football players:

Something changed in Chima Okoli. And it was because of Joe Paterno.Now, with his head coach announcing he is retiring, Okoli is having a hard time describing the impact his coach has had on him.“I can’t really put it into words,” the captain said. “But if I was, I came here a boy and I left a man. And that’s all due to Joe Paterno.”

One wonders what are the rites of becoming a “man” in the football world? Is it what happened to seven pre-pubertal boys in the  football locker showers of Penn State?

The most recent and most disgusting is: Seven may be more boys who belonged to disadvantaged families were sexually molested on an ongoing basis for 15 years by a football coach of a world famous University and everyone looked the other way.


Everyone in the west screamed at the inhuman and terrible punishment of adultery in Afghanistan. It was blasted from every TV as uncivilized. Islam was blamed; the Afghans were blamed on and on…..

What I see in America everyday on the news, in my office and in the newspaper are rampant predators of children. It is a free for all with no holds barred. Men are absent; women and children in America are fair game for who ever wants to abuse them.

Because of the absence of a severe, bone chilling, scary, horrific promise of a punishment there is nothing to frighten the man from even thinking of committing such terrible acts against defenseless boys from broken families with resourceless single mothers.

There is no promise of a terrible punishment for the rapist who does it not once, not twice but many times again and again for 15 years while the University President, and all levels of his employers listen to the reports against him and look the other way.

In my medical office whenever I see teenage boys of single mothers, enraged with their mothers, I wonder where are the fathers of these boys? After all they were there to create this child where are they now? One may think this happens to only poor people, black people or disadvantaged women, but NO it cuts right across mainstream America, every socioeconomic group, every race and every ethnic group is affected.

Muslims struggle to protect their children but sometimes the predators bamboozle them too, if they want to melt in the melting pot too much and are not careful in watching over their children 24/7.

The most common molestation for girls occurs at “sleep overs” at “friends” homes. The second most common in boys and girls is by  sport coaches, christian ministers, and a live in boyfriend of the single mom.

50% households in America are run by Single American women who are struggling to raise boys and girls without fathers. This in a society where the predators are out for children and adolescents in the forms of sport coaches like Sandusky or in the form of alcohol, drugs and cigarettes.

While the mother works two jobs to make ends meet, bystanders, boyfriends, sport coaches sexually abuse their children churning out yet another generation of dysfunctional, mentally and emotionally disturbed and potentially violent adults.

Children and women need defenders, protectors and providers!

Allah Subhanawataala says in the Quran “Men are the protectors and providers of women” It becomes a duty of every muslim man to take that command and responsibility seriously.

I look all around me in America………. Where are the men who are supposed to be the protectors and providers of women…and their children? Where are they while their children are being raped by sport coaches, religious ministers and boyfriends of the mother of their children? Where are they?

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