Frere Hall, Karachi

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“ It is recess, we are playing a game where you take a running start from the cement landing and fly off the edge of it and drop onto the white clay playground of our Karachi school play yard.

 All the girls and boys in front of me have done well and it seems easy, I hesitate because I am wearing dress shoes instead of the usual sneakers………..

I run….. and as I take off flying, I slip and I fall sideways on the hard clay. I feel the  sudden pain in my arm.  I get up and feel woozy. I stand up trying to figure out why my arm hurts so bad, and why do I feel nauseous.

My friend asks me if I am hurt. We are ten years old………..I see the concern in her young eyes, which is rapidly turning to panic as she sees me turning pale by the moment.

“Come on! She says urging me…. “We have to take you to the office you look………….” she hesitates …… “not right” she ends her sentence. I hesitate, what is my mother going to say, we were doing something that is not allowed.

The pain in my arm is getting worse by the second, I feel I am going to be physically sick……I follow her to the Principal’s office, afraid of the censure I am going to face for breaking the rules.

The Principal (also my mother) takes one look at my face and then at my arm that I am cradling………and she calls for a cab……..I do not remember the ride to the Hospital, I just remember telling myself that I must not puke in the cab……

 Bone pain is excruciating. Those of you who have broken any bones know this.

So many years later I hear from a friend that she has broken a bone coming down the stairs……she is in pain and I feel it!

This dua is for her and all of you out there who need it:

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