Muslim children are not equipped (with the foundations of Islamic aqeedah & practice) for entering mainstream American public schools.

  Professor Safi Khan


He brings out a glaring deficiency in the majority of Muslim children in America. They are not knowledgeable in the very foundations of Islam and are stumped at the first level of criticism of the very basics of Islam.

Whereas the critics all over the Internet and knowledgeable American Children are much better versed of what is wrong with Islam thanks to the generous splattering of the media and Internet with well-funded Islamophobic opinions.

He makes a case for the desperate need for Islamic Schools in America to raise mindful, responsible and God conscious individuals, who can serve as model examples for mainstream American students.


  1. Assalam o Alekum, What I see and experienced the solution to bring Islam awareness in us and in our kids is to make our homes Symbol of Islamic Image, No need to be typical one but must have the recognition. Thanks to Allah I have 4 kids (3 boys and a girl) they all are practicing Islam, may be no hijab or turbans but Basic Islamic practice is there in them. Salat, Fasting, respect elders, Read Quran everyday one Ruku, Salat with jamat,because Mosque is far. and after salat ul Magrib every day reading three Hadiths by any kid while everyone in home sitting together. there is no pushing we all do because we made this everyday practice,who ever is present at home joins.This helps big time to all of us (us and kids same time). It is not possible that we want our kids to become Aalim and we do not put efforts in our life. EVERYTHING STARTS FROM HOME.
    May Allah help us all, Aameen


    • Walaikum Asalaam wa rahmatullahi wa barakatahu!
      Excellent points and these are all well taken and till yesterday I too thought that was sufficient.
      However if we look at logistics here they are:
      In a 24 hour day:
      school: 8-9 hours
      sleep: 8-9 hours
      that leaves 4-8 hours for food, socialization, homework, internet, TV, Quran, reading for pleasure and education, doing chores, playing sports, learning a language or sewing or craft or other activity, exercise.

      SO school wins out in America!
      It has your children captive for 8-10 sometimes 12 hours if they are in the Math bowl, or soccer or football, or any other advanced academic class.
      They are tired when they get home. Yes they can refresh their Deen, but they cannot study Aqeedah, fiqh of salad, fasting, zakah etc, islamic history, seerah etc. When are they supposed to do that?

      In a public school children have to undress in front of others at a very tender age, and even if they don’t do that, they see other children in a state of undress and this causes a feeling of anxiety, confusion and disturbing feelings as their sexuality is developing but has not yet developed.

      In an islamic school, modesty, haya, good manners, lack of cursing or use of bad words, respect for teachers, and analytical study of Islamic History and Fiqh will provide security and a comfort zone while it solidify the personality of the child with confidence in Allah as His or her creator and as His or her Saviour & protector and a feeling of being close to Him at all times.

      With the increasing number of muslims mostly of muslim converts, we must give attention to mindful islamic education to bring istiqamah in the hearts of children and protect them from fahashah at least in their tender years, because we are answerable to Allah for those years.
      You are competing for 2 hours in the evening, versus the school having 8-12 hours of your childs time. As an immigrant you may be unaware of how weak your influence is over them over time.
      Allah knows best.


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