Winter retreat in the Ozarks

Those of us who have had the blessing of attending the retreats in the mountains with Shaykh Magraoui have had the blessing to learn the critical elements of adaab (etiquette of a student) and do our best to practice them:

Here are some shared by the grace of our sisters.


Written by Sr. Y (may Allah reward her), shared by sister SA.

Aadab shaykh Mokhtar (hafidhahullah) taught us:

1- Don’t speed/drive recklessly. When we were leaving, he told the aunty who was driving us to drive calmly on the road. I thought of the ayah about how ebadur-Rahman walk humbly on the earth.

2- “When we finish praying, we rush to what we think is important. What can be more important than Allah azza wa jal?” Sit and do your dhikr after salah with a conscious mind and heart. 

3- Don’t slam doors, be too loud or make a lot of noise as you walk (on purpose) because they can distract others. Be gentle in all aspects.

4- Lower your gaze. We always think this is only with the opposite gender, but we must also protect our eyes from what we read and see that affect our hearts.

5- When visiting a place, leave it cleaner than you found it. The believer is clean. Don’t litter either – the nature around us is aware of our presence and a mu’min takes care of the earth.

6- Control your tongue by training yourself to speak (and type!) less. One of the ways of purifying the heart is to practice “as-samt” or silence regularly. 

7- Don’t only go on nature outings like hiking for “fun”, but go to reflect on your life, ponder the ayat around you and appreciate the creation of Allah azza wa jal. Going in smaller groups and taking less during the outing help you focus.

8- If you are in a halaqah learning about the Messenger of Allah sal Allahu alayhi wa sallam, try your best not to leave the gathering unless necessary, in respect of the honorable subject.

9- Never judge others or think of others when a reminder is given, always look to yourself and examine your own situation.

10- don’t be wasteful – with, water, resources or time. While breaking our fast after the adhan, a brother handed him a napkin – a regular sized one – and the shaykh looked at him like, “what am I supposed to do with this whole thing? is this a joke?” with a smile on his face, he ripped it into several pieces and shared it with the brothers around him.
11- when you sneeze, say ‘alhamdulillah’ audibly. He said, “I won’t make duaa for you (yarhamakaAllah) unless I hear it!”

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