911? No !!! this is Norway where Mothers cry, their children killed by a man of christian faith:http://www.cbsnews.com/2300-202_162-10008732-2.html?tag=page;previous

Penned eight days after the horrific event………….

It has been eight days since it happened. Not one child died, not three but too numerous to count, in a far away island of Scandinavia.

I have not been able to read about it though news has filtered to me, leaving me in deep unstinting sorrow for those who are left behind. I lost one child and six years later I can feel the pain, and I pray for those who had to see their children succumb to such hatred.

Nothing happens randomly. The Wikileaks did not happen by chance, the Arab spring did not erupt by chance, and the Norwegian killer did not kill children by chance.

Allah Subhanawataala has a plan, it is His theatre, he unveils one thing at a time and if people recognize the dangers of the evolving drama they can prevent disaster, but if they ignore it or say it does not affect them (yet) and they remain silent at an injustice then, things can rise to a tragic crescendo…………….as they did in this case.

The sages say, “ A hint should be enough for a wise person”


So here is the diary of a killer………….in Norway.

He was born to a diplomat father whose second wife was Norwegian. After his birth the father moved to France and wanted to remove the one-year-old child from his mother.

The Quran has rules for fathers and mothers and their responsibilities towards their children whether they are married or divorced. Removing a one-year-old baby from his mother is unjust to the least and cutting off relationship to your son is a breach of father hood. Allah Subhanawataala warns us against such actions.

The diplomat father moved to France and remarried and never saw his son again.

A child growing up without a father is disadvantaged in society but never to have any contact with his father, to have no father to look up to is a painful journey into adulthood.

The Quran in Surah Baqara outlines in detail what divorced parents need to do to provide a wholesome and humane upbringing for the child they have conceived together

What happened to him till the age of 15 is not clear but at that point all roads to contact with his father were permanently closed.

Adolescence is a time when both boys and girls need fathers for different psychological reasons to grow up to become balanced adults. This is also the age when fathers are challenged by their sons and if they do not handle it with wisdom the bond of love, respect and hope for a healthy relationship breaks.

Thus in the Quran Allah subhanawataala places significant importance for parents to fulfill the rights of their children starting from their birth, and for children to respect their parents even if they do not agree with them as adults.

Next came social isolation, he is described as a “loner” why is a child a loner? It is when other children shun him or are cruel to him (bullying) and there is no wise hand to temper the circumstances with love and justice.

In the muslim culture, the day of Jumma (Friday) is designated a social day in accordance with Islam, thus at Jumma prayers even if you are isolated, you can meet and greet other Muslims and feel that you are part of a large family)

He went on to the Internet and a whole world of hate opened to him. Primarily from the great island of The United States and minor ones from the British Isle.

He latched on to sites like those of Robert Spencer and others—————-that spout hatred towards anyone of Muslim leanings. Methodologies are explained on these sites how to suspect, interrogate, persecute your average normal Muslim American neighbors, just for their belief in One God. In his manifesto he draws inspiration to fuel violence against all muslims and quotes Robert Spencer:

Robert Spencer, Author, Islam Unveiled, Director of Jihadwatch.org Do Islam and an Islamic civilisation actually sanction the violence that we are seeing being perpetrated in its name around the world?

If we are going to be honest about this we would have to answer an absolute yes.

The exact impact of what these hate site do to people who are isolated and disenfranchised by popular society becomes apparent in the manifesto written by the killer.

In the United States as far as I remember (I am not a lawyer) that people spouting hatred to the point which culminates in violence against an American citizen is liable for murder and incarceration under the Patriots Act. The manifesto of the Norwegian killer has proof regarding the American sites, which propelled him to commit mass murder as reported by the NY Times.

It is such sites that spurred him on………His hatred for his father, his fellow classmates and all the public that looked the other way while he was being bullied, morphed into a plan. This vindictive plan had subsets in which were cogs from the American sites that had been so successful in vilifying and punishing anyone who called Islam his or her religion.

Shocked and bereaved muslims pay their respect to the dead children: Courtesy: http://www.cbsnews.com/2300-202_162-10008732-2.html?tag=page;previous

He looked around and saw that Norway was no longer blue-eyed blonde and Christian. He took all his anger and anguish from his youthful days and focused it to the weakest part of society called Muslims mostly immigrants from other nations.

(In Psychiatry this is called transference)

In the Quran Allah Subhanawataala says that he has made tribes and people of color so that they can recognize each other when they go places and the best of them is the one who is most obedient to Allah Subhanawataala.


He also wrote a 1500 page manifesto fueled by the anger and frustration of all these years of being ignored and bullied and copied the vilification methods from the American islamophobic sites and turned the spout towards the weakest link in the Norwegian community.  Theoretically an easy target. Being Immigrant and Muslim he felt they did not have a guardian in the country.

His Manisfesto was a document, which carefully researched the organizations of this world that suppress others in the name of Christianity, or Zionism. He also researched other organizations such as the Hindu Fundamentalist organization that is responsible for burning entire Muslim villages of helpless and unarmed men, women and children.

Allah Subhanawataala in His wisdom uncovered through this single act of terrorism the names and connections of all the terrorist groups and sites in the world that are out to decimate normal human beings if they do not follow their brand of fundamentalist Christian, Zionist or Hindu ideology. He is watching to see who speaks out against injustice to human beings and who remains silent?

He then looked for heroes, and he latched upon the legend of the “Knights Templars”.

In my recent visit to Jerusalem and the Al Aqsa mosque, while taking the tours of Al Aqsa I discovered that the Knights Templars who were actually Christian Monks turned violent and greedy had parked their horses in the sacred mosque and were digging under it for what they believed had the treasure of Suleiman AS.

It is said that that Israeli authorities are also digging under the Al Aqsa Mosque, however they say it is to find the temple of Solomon. However others state that it comes from greed for a treasure that they believe is hidden under the mosque.

Some Jews have claimed that when they were taken as slaves to Babylon, their ancestors had relayed to them that the secrets of the magical powers of Solomon AS were buried under the temple.

We know from the Quran that we are forbidden to delve in magic so the “treasure with the magic antidotes” under the Temple of Solomon if they do exist hold no meaning as we as muslims believe that all power lies in one God and it is He who is supreme.

He was enthralled with the Knights Templars they were monks (thus extremely religious) but breaking the covenant of Jesus (AS) they were militant, making them  militant monks which became killing machines, which is an oxymoron.

One day after decades of poring over the American sites called Jihad watch and others espousing violence and suppression of Muslims as a whole, he made a plan.

……………and you know the rest!.

Sadness overcomes me. However I know that apathy is worse than sorrow, for it propagates acts like this.

The blood of the Norwegian children is on the hands of many, not only the Norwegian killer who pulled the trigger.

Silence is a great killer, especially the silence ……when you see an injustice and look the other way deliberately or out of fear.

The person who pulled the Homeland Security from watching Christian Fundamentalist activity for violence in the USA, and the Jihad watch site and others like it has done a great disservice not only to Americans but the world at large.

Each and every American of Christian faith who has remained silent when the Christian fundamentalists have bashed Muslim, Jews and people of other faiths and denominations has his or hands sticky with the blood of the Norwegian children.

Sins are not only of commission but also of omission.

The diary of the Killer of Norwegian children may have ended with a smudge of the blood of the children on the page………… but the question remains:

Will every God-fearing Christian stand up and condemn not only the act of terror on the Norwegian Island against defenseless children but also condemn all those sites and organizations in the United States that spew out hatred towards their fellow Muslim Americans?

Or ……………are they waiting to turn the next page of the Diary of a Killer?

2 thoughts on “ON THE EVE OF 911: A PAGE FROM THE DIARY OF A KILLER……………………

  1. Personal communication from F:

    Dear A : assalamoalaikum

    I have been thinking of you today

    About Tariq and you
    of You and Tariq
    have appeared to fully engage in an ongoing dialogue
    making Allah SWT the Center and the Focus
    the Origin and the Perpetual stay foremost in the minds and
    become the ‘ justaju ‘ of life’s central focus amidst the clamor
    and distractions of ‘ dunya ‘.
    The Heart and Life of your blog
    A most noble fulcrum to center around in your and your blog followers
    trials and triumphs during this earthly sojurn.
    And I think about you
    what is time to a mother torn apart from her flesh and blood?
    days, dates, anniversaries
    is it not a constant presence and the lack thereof that the mother must feel?
    Be that it not a constant reference acknowledged publicly
    and while I am distanced from you by time, space and communion
    I respect your loss and ache while admiring your approach to it


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