IQRA: READ…………….

The Cave of Hira is the site of the first revelation: Courtesy:

A Dedication done at our mosque for the local public schools program on the occasion of recognizing and helping the program on “ACCELERATED READING”:


There are three Rs that are the cornerstone of a Muslims life. Read, Recite and Reflect…

The ability to read, the power to recite and the cognizance to reflect is a special gift Allah Almighty has given to Adam (AS) and the Children of Adam.

Countries of the Horn of Africa include Somalia


Many of us do not have the physical or environmental resources, to avail of these gifts. Children starving in the Horn of Africa caught between the crossfire of political war may be able to read, and recite but are worn out with thirst and starvation. They are thus unable to do so.

Let us make Dua for them:

May Allah free the children of the Horn of Africa and all over the world from want of hunger and thirst and give them protection with loving, caring and honorable adults. Ameen.

Some of us are blessed such as the children of this County where they go to the top grade public schools and where sometimes the children from private schools have to take extra classes to catch up with them.

It is so apt that today in the midst of Ramadan a month during which the words of Allah Almighty were sent as a revelation to the man who has been described as a Mercy to Mankind, not a mercy to Arabs but “ A mercy to Mankind”

The Revelation was dramatic and appeared in a form of a hug or squeeze from the Angel Gabriel where he commanded Prophet Muhammad peace and blessings be upon him, to READ!

It was a command…and held all the power and force of a command from Allah. Prophet Muhammad pbuh having never had such an experience was shocked into silence until he hugged and squeezed again by Angel Gabriel and commanded to “READ…….!

What happened next is indeed historically remarkable as the message that began with the command READ. Spread all over the world! There are 1.5 billion human beings struggling under adverse circumstances to READ…RECITE AND REFLECT ON THE WORDS OF ALLAH ALMIGHTY

We are truly grateful to Allah Almighty that he has placed us in a Community where there are teachers who teach for the love of teaching where they develop programs that enhance reading and make it a beloved pastime, and open the vistas of the world to children and adults from the pages of a book!

As Muslim ILM or KNOWLEDGE AND the search and acquisition of all kind of useful knowledge is encouraged. It is only through the knowledge of what our creator has created can we come closer to understanding and knowing Him and thus…loving Him. Thank you teachers and Principals of our County we salute you and thank you for lovingly encouraging all our children to READ…………..!


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