A letter to my Professor who is frustrated with the injustices of the world.

Dear Professor, Asalaam o Alaikum,

I write to you on the eve of the death anniversary of my son. I know you have seen death at close quarters. Many people in the world share a severe sense of frustration at the injustices in the world particularly to your people in Palestine.

Have you ever thought what is at the foundation of frustration? Where do these feelings come from?

Your frustration if I understand correctly comes from the fact that your people are being dealt with unjustly and cruelly and with Dhulm and oppression, but what compounds it is that you feel helpless to change the tide of events. Is that right?

You want to tell the American people about the unfairness in Palestine. You can rant and rave and tell the people walking into the Mall that children in Palestine are being killed senselessly (I am not aware of senseful killing) they will avoid you and walk away thinking that you are insane.

Allah Subhanawataala never said in the Quran that “ I am sending you to a place which is Jannah” when Adam AS disobeyed Him. He Subhanawataala said I am sending you away “for a period of time”

It was SHaytaan who said “ I will beautify evil deeds for the children of Adam that very few will remember you” to prove his point to Allah Subhanawataala that the Children of Adam are not Ashraf ul Makhlookaat.

So why were we sent to this Earth?

My sense is we were sent to work our way back to Allah Subhanawataala and to seek happiness with Him Subhanawataaala, not here.

Rasool Allah pbuh said, “ Pass through this earth like a traveler” Didn’t he?

Allah Subhanawtaaala tells us in the Quran that He created us for only one purpose and that was to worship Him and the rest is just icing on the cake. What happens to people who start to live only on the icing on the cake (the life of this dunya as perceived by some) then they become sick in all respects.

By now you are probably asking the question, where am I going with this?

Frustration! When and why does one get frustrated?

There is only one scenario when frustration rules! It is when one thinks one is in charge and when one is confident that the outcome of our acts in this world should give us the outcomes we desire. When someone more powerful blocks us we get frustrated and blame it on him or her.

The scary part of this equation is the invisible force by whose will change occurs, who watches every move we make and how self confident and how arrogant we our in our dunya power and then he moves slowly to disprove us and sometimes block us from self destructing before time.

Everything moves like a symphony in this world by the will of Allah.

Allah Subhanawataala told RasoolAllah “convey not convince” in Surah Baqara.

Rasool Allah could not convince his own closest uncles to the message of Allah and on occasion became sad and sometimes despondent of the outcome. It is then that he is consoled many times where Allah Subhanawtaala states again and again what our charge is in this world and that is “ To convey not convince”

Many of us will never see the outcome of our deeds in this world, and others will.

Hosni Mubarak at the ripe old age of 83 is going to live to see the outcome of his Dhulm, and the pain of his children frying in the cold flame of justice and this will hurt him like he could never hurt the men and women he tortured.

Thus our job in this world is to convey………… the best of our ability. If people listen Alhamdulillah, if they do not we make dua and maybe try another method and if they still do not, we go to the people who are hungry to listen to the word of Allah and convey…………to the best of our ability.

A dangerous and explosive ingredient of frustration is the spark of arrogance within us (God forbid) which makes it okay to look down on others as inferior either in intellect, etiquette, understanding, forms of worship, and or views and values.

This is a dangerous rock on which we stand when we belittle others for “not listening to us or not knowing”.

For in the words of Rasool Allah himself and I paraphrase “No one will enter Jannah if he or she has even an atom of arrogance in them”

This usually gives me pause when I begin to berate others for not doing or not understanding the importance of our Deen. I hustle to get off the pedestal or podium on which I have placed myself from which I am now looking down on people.

It is at that very moment I also realize that with my efforts I have to have the blessings of Allah to convey the message in a format that is welcomed by others. This is where I feel I need to do the most work on myself. How about you?

The challenge is to live in the fire and not feel it because you are looking up at the Almighty and he makes it a bed of roses to your nerve endings while others perceive the heat of the fire.

How does one do that? In my humble attempts to overcome the arrogance, the riya and the desire to “fix” things quickly locally and in the world I find it best to first ask for His help to straighten myself out. I am the best voyeur of my weaknesses, and if I am not I must become cognizant of them so that I can find myself where He Allah Subhanawtaaala wants me and away from where He does not like me to be.

This is the struggle I find myself in. What is yours?

Sometimes one does not want to look at the disobediences of Allah in ones own self and thus the finger point’s outwards. It is an old technique of shaytaan to convince us that since others are also doing it, it must be okay.

On the final day as you are well aware each one of us will be answerable for our own behavior. We will be asked about our huqooq al ebad, not about what we felt should happen to Hosni Mubarak. We will be asked about our staying away from haram and mukrooh, not only with our food, but our eyes ears and hands.

Thus politics is fine and dandy but if it takes one away from cleansing ones own self, and pleasing Allah and interferes with the avoidance of what He has forbidden then it is a dangerous avenue for the seeker of Allah.

The best example is the instructions the airhostess gives in case of emergency she says, “first place the oxygen mask on your self then your child or others. “ My point is if you or I are drowning in disobediences how can we help others no matter how knowledgeable we are in the facts of Deen.

After all we were sent here only for “ a period of time” Don’t we want to go back? And when we do, don’t we want to go straight home to Jannah inshalllah instead of via The Fire?

Where do you think frustration comes from in you? Contemplate and the answer will be obvious, see it, embrace it and change yourself with it.


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